Super Astro

Collectibles by Astro Tokay

Astro is a gatekeeper of the universe's secrets, wisdom, science, and magic. The Amanita muscaria mushrooms is ancient technology that is eons old and landed on earth billions years ago. Earth is the only location in the universe that contains this specific technology. The mushroom is used as a tool to help Astro fight evil and travel through dimensions of the multiverse. Astro uses the technology to power up to super mode allowing him to access his full abilities and become "Super Astro". When Astro is in super mode he is able to open up portals to cross realms of the universe in an instant, unlocking all of his mystical power to defend earth from lower vibrational monsters like energy vampires that prey on the world's fears.

Super Astro 01

Super Astro Collectible One of Eight

Super Astro 02

Super Astro Collectible Two of Eight

Super Astro 03

Super Astro Collectible Three of Eight

Super Astro 04

Super Astro Collectible Four of Eight

Super Astro 05

Super Astro Collectible Five of Eight

Super Astro 06

Super Astro Collectible Six of Eight

Super Astro 07

Super Astro Collectible Seven of Eight

Super Astro 08

Super Astro Collectible Eight of Eight