Friendship Oil Painting By African Artist Patti Blueh

Friendship Oil Painting By African Artist Patti Blueh

African Art Painting by Patti Blueh

This African Art Painting is an amazing celebration of friendship, Patti Blueh once again captures a compelling imagery with the deft strokes of her brush. Friendship, as its name suggests, is a beautiful depiction of African youths enjoying being friends. Blueh from South Africa paints 3 young boys laughing in such abandon that it makes us want to know what secrets they’re sharing with each other. The artist so brilliantly captures the kids’ joyful expressions that viewers can’t help but feel the happiness and smile themselves.

With many images depicting her African heritage, from their hair to the clothing and jewelry, you can clearly see her African influences in this artwork. If you want to install warmth, joy, and happiness in your space, this will be the ideal oil painting for evoking those emotions. Let’s celebrate the beautiful gift of friendship, and bring warmth and joy into your home or office. The artwork is perfect for an accent wall, a defining feature, or as a loving present. Buy this African art painting today!


Dimensions: 30 x 40 inches

Price: $700 + Free Worldwide Shipping (we will ship it to you rolled up)

Painting stretched on wood: $750 + Shipping


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