Mustapha Asomani

Country: Ghana

I am a Ghanaian artist known for portraits, figurative and landscape paintings. Born and raised in an urban community, my work reflects the social and physical aspects of urban landscapes. I seek to capture and describe various stories involving people, activities, markets, and architecture.

As an artist, my lifelong pursuit of creative expression has given me the ability share my unique version of the world I perceive. I like to maintain a level of unique
-ness in my work. Though my interpretation of each subject is different, I deploy a technique that allows me to create a strong sense of realism without overly rendering things even with my keen attention to detail. I like to leave an evidence of strokes in the final work to suggest it is indeed a unique work of art. I am generally open to working with other mediums but i find pastels perfect for my approach and also because of its versatile nature and it’s wide range of hues to choose from.


EXHIBITIONS (2012 – 2017)

2012 – African Regent Hotel Exhibition . Accra ,Ghana.
2015 – Agile in Africa Exhibition, Accra Ghana.
2016 – Kuenyehia Prize Shortlisted Artists Exhibition. Accra, Ghana.

2016 – Free Spirit Art Exhibition, Ashesi University College, Brekusu, Ghana.
2017 – Big Apples Gallery Artists Exhibition, Accra, Ghana.


2016 – Kuenyehia Prize for Contemporary Ghanaian Art Awards night Exhibition.
2016 – Fidelity Bank of 10th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Dinner life Portrait Demonstrations.
2017 – Big Apples Art Gallery Street live Painting
2018 – Art Auction with Children’s Heart Foundation .Ghana International Women’s Club Cervical Cancer Fundraiser.
2017 – Creative Accelerator program by the kuenyehia prize.

My Work