Astro Tokay Umba Daima Artist From Philadelphia

Astro Tokay

Country: United States

My full name is Dontay Williams but I go by Astro Tokay. I’m a Black African American spiritual artist from the streets of West Philadelphia. I express my inner spirit through art, sculpture, and fashion. I am a Psychonaut that travels the inner worlds of the universe for knowledge and understanding of consciousness. I’m also a certified healer in sacred plant medicine and non-ordinary states of consciousness. I believe that, in spirit, we are all astronauts exploring the physical realms to find our way back to the kingdoms of heaven. My creativity is driven by my dreams and my struggles in this world. My goal is to reunite and help heal the collective through art that helps people restore their connection with the higher self. I am famously known for my astronaut helmets that represent “No Face, No Race, or Gender to Hate”. We all are born to feel comfortable in your own space!!! The astronaut helmets were manifested to remind the world that we are multidimensional beings that travel here in spirit to have a human experience no matter our gender or race.  

Some of my notable clients include Puma, Adidas, Atlanta Records, and Coffee Festival NYC.



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