Oswald Tamakloe

Country: Togo

I am a visual artist (painter, batiker, tattoo artist) of Ghanaian origin and Of Togolese nationality. Painting was present very early in my life. I observed a lot of everything around me because the world has always captivated me.

I was fascinated by certain colors and shapes. I represented them as soon as I could, at home and at school! Drawing and painting was my way of getting to know reality, of creating a more intimate bond with it.

After my years of study in Kpalimé, I trained in Plastic Arts with the group Art d’Afrique. Following this training, I graduated from the Institute of Arts and Technology in Lomé in the field of Civil Engineering.

In 2014, I opened the Oswald Art Gallery in Kpalimé, Togo. At the same time, I started giving batik classes to trainees and volunteers (mainly European) in partnership with the associations Amecaa-Togo, Astovot, Agerto, Asof-Togo, Last-Togo in particular.

The gallery now contains more than 200 paintings including paintings in batiks, paint, recycled materials, batik t-shirts, postable cards, pagemarks and many other items!


My Work