Nana Kofi African Artist at Umba Daima Gallery

Nana Kofi

Country: Ghana

Nana Kofi’s inspiration is the average lifestyle of the African people. He loves to examine the natures and cultures of Africa and Africa’s ability to survive difficult circumstances. He is a realist, painting the flow of nature in mostly a figurative style. Working in oils, mixed media and acrylics on canvas, he uses the richness of colors to bring out the necessary tones to create a wonderful experience. Nana Kofi lives and works in Ghana and his journey of painting has been remarkable. In September 2006, he had his inspiration to embark on the journey of becoming a realistic painter and has exhibited in various places since then including: 

  • African Market of Art and Cultural center (December 2006 & 2007)
  • The African Regents Hotel (2012)
  • Accra City hotel (2019)


Nana Kofi spends a lot of his time doing commission projects. Email us at if you’d like to work with him.


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