Kwame Acheampong Ghanaian Artist for Umba Daima Art Gallery

Kwame Acheampong

Country: Ghana

Born on 20th November, 1993 in Jamestown – Accra to Ghanaian  parents, Kwame Acheampong is a passionate photographer and artist  who captures his images and communicates his artistry through the lens  of his iphone camera. 

He holds a bachelor of science degree in Agriculture from the University  of Ghana, the nation’s premier tertiary institution. 

With a keen interest in broadening his knowledge, Kwame’s main hobby  is reading and researching on Art and Philosophy. 

Kwame’s work is a representation of his evolving sense of depiction of  ideas and artistic influences, and readily explores experimentation as an  approach to aesthetics.  

Currently living in Accra, Kwame hopes to become a globally recognised visual artist by pursuing photography and plans to pursue fine art  disciplines specifically painting and sculpture.



My Work