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Emmanuel Ignatius

Country: Kenya

I am a 20 year old visual artist, illustrator and photographer living in Nairobi, Kenya. I was born in a rural Kenyan village called Transmara, where I lived with my parents and 2 brothers. At the age of 7 violence broke out between various tribes in my country, which forced us to flee our small village and relocate to the capital. Experiencing and witnessing so much pain and suffering at a young age was difficult for me to process, so I used art to express myself and find happiness. I started to build an identity as an artist, and won many art competitions throughout secondary school but tragedy continued to strike. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and there weren’t enough hospitals with the right tech to cure cancer in Kenya, which really affected me and I became very antisocial. All i used to do was draw all day just to try and keep myself away from negative thoughts. I dealt with a lot of frustration, disappointment, and anger throughout my childhood and art was a constant source of relief, self-expression, and therapy. In the last few years I’ve begun to evolve as an artist by focusing more on art that is no longer just about me, but about African society and the important stories that we need to remember. This evolution has led to a number of collaborations and commissions from international clients like The Ringer, Blanx, and Showfields Gallery as well as opportunities to work with famous African artists and musicians such as DJ Shimza.

Email: info@umbadaima.com

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