Umba Daima Artist Arlindo Maunde

Arlindo Maunde

Country: Mozambique

Arlindo started sketching at twelve and was introduced to fine art in 1988 by another artist named Azimir. Eventually he would have to leave his home country to escape civil war. 18 years old and without a formal education, Arlindo moved to South Africa where he struggled to find his feet in a new country. In 1996 after showing his colleagues a family photo album with a few of his earlier sketches, word spread that Arlindo was an artist and people started to encourage him to pursue art professionally. Juggling the demands of a full-time job and the calling of a lifelong passion was not easy. In May of 1996, Arlindo resigned from his job at South African Breweries to concentrate on art fulltime. A decision that has not changed in twenty-three years. Despite past difficulties Arlindo has accepted his past and uses art as means of healing. The subjects in his paintings are always happy, mirroring his positive outlook on life. He chooses to paint children to compensate for the time lost where he wished he was a better father to his own children. He also paints women as remembrance of how his mother took care of him and his siblings during a very dark time in history. Without any formal education, Arlindo has become a successful artist who has triumphed over his circumstances and has always worked as an independent artist. His works are now being exhibited in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Italy, Australia, United States of America, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, Dubai and many more.

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