Andrew Lam - Black Artist From Maryland

Andrew Lam

Country: United States

My name is Andrew Lam I am a Guyanese American and grew up in Maryland. I’ve always felt “love” to be a centerpiece of life and that has filled and fueled me my whole life. The expression and feeling I get from art and music has always left me in awe from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to a Jean-Michel Basquiat “Skull”. I used to wonder how these people feel when they create their art, which made me look inside myself and ask myself how I feel. That was the start of my artistic journey. Getting in touch with how I feel led to a shift in perception which is the greatest resurrection.  I try to stay founded in being open minded which allows my energy to flow and connect with moments in time. In these moments I try to feel this life in full. My artworks are a collection of those moments. I’m just a young man exploring my feelings.



My Prints