Meet Our Artists

We work with artists of African descent from across the Diaspora. Our current artists are located in Ghana, Kenya, Togo, Colombia, Jamaica, and South Africa. Sign up below for artist updates

Kwame Acheampong Ghanaian Artist for Umba Daima Art Gallery

Kwame Acheampong

Kwame is a passionate photographer from Ghana who captures his images and communicates his artistry through the lens of his iphone camera.

Eduardo Alvarez

Eduardo is a highly skilled Colombian painter who documents the colors, foliage, sounds and animals around him through beautiful landscape paintings of rural Colombia.

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Tamakloe African Artist at Umba Daima Gallery

Oswald Tamakloe

Oswald is a visual artist of Ghanaian origin and resides in Togo, West Africa. He is professionally trained in plastic arts and civil engineering. His gallery in Kpalimé, Togo contains more than 200 paintings on batik, canvas, recycled materials, batik t-shirts, postable cards, and more.

Patti Blueh

Patti Blueh is a South African painter who vividly captures the distinctive customs of African subjects, from the precious bonding experience between mothers and daughters through hair braiding to the duty of community leaders to protect their villages.

Nana Kofi African Artist at Umba Daima Gallery

Nana Kofi

Nana Kofi’s is a Ghanaian artist and realist painter inspired by the average lifestyle of the African people. He works in oils, mixed media and acrylics on canvas.

Young Kev

Young Kev is digital artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. He specializes in portraiture, illustration and graphic design with themes based on history, music, culture, celebrities and common ‘mwananchi’ man.